A library of several hundred books

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What is it?

Framabookin is the digital library of Framasoft. It contains a few hundred free or public domain books.

It can be consulted online on mobile platforms (smartphones, shelves, reading lights…) but can also be added directly in your home. preferred ebook reading application thanks to the flow OPDS.

By subscribing to this feed, it will be possible for you directly to your application to quickly search in Framabookin and add the books you are interested in to your library personal virtual world with a simple click.

What is the goal?

Framasoft is not intended to host millions of digital books as Google Book can do.

On the other hand, we want to demonstrate that putting a library online digital, for family, private, institutional or even commercial use, can be done very simply.

Many OPDS catalogues already exist (,,…), by multiplying instances such as these, together, we take over possession of our data and participate in the decentralisation of the web.


To subscribe manually from an application:

On other applications and platforms the principle is much the same.

To consult the library when there is no dedicated application available here is an example with Bookeen reading lights

The software

Framabookin is based on open source software Calibre and BicBucStriim.

Calibre is licensed GNU GPL v3, BicBucStriim is licensed MIT.

The library contains:

  • all the books published at Framabook
  • as well as free or public domain ebooks distributed by Bibebook

Cultivate your garden

To participate in the development of the software, to propose improvements or simply download it, go to the website of development

If you wish to install this software for your own use and thus gain in autonomy, we help you on: